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For discerning companies with an eye on quality and cost we provide an extensive service in all areas of print related products. From the small job to the larger ones we will endeavour to help you end up with the right image that you deserve for your company.

Through email we have found that distance between companies does not hinder either party, we have clients in faraway places, for whom we do work and yet, have never seen. The world is becoming a smaller place in which to work.

No doubt you are looking for a good price, who isn't? At the end of the day if you are paying too cheaply then service and quality are being cut at some stage of the operation. Here at King's Lynn Press we aim not to allow this to happen regardless of the situation.
direct image 4 colour DI press
As always, keeping up with modern technology, we have just installed a "direct image" Heidelberg Quickmaster DI four colour press. Direct imaging means that the plates are imaged directly on the machine in 8 minutes, in position and ready to print. Being a waterless printing method quality is guaranteed and we can run at speeds in excess of 10,000 sheets per hours in full glorious colour. Fast turnaround for your digital files and being environmentally friendly means there are no hazardous chemicals or heavy metals.
press room
We run nothing but Heidelberg presses to maintain absolute quality at all times. With the experience and expertise that we can bring to every job the customer is assured that his expectations are fully satisfied. At all stages of production our quality control ensures that the highest quality is maintained throughout.
bindery & finishing
In house and on-site die cutting on our Heidelberg cutting and creasing machine and folding up to SRA2 on our Stahl folder.
Also collating, glueing and comb or wire binding.
digital short run
For the smaller colour runs that are not cost effective to print conventionally we offer our customers short run digital printing up to SRA3 on a variety of different stocks.
Labels, brochures, business cards, postcards and posters can all be digitally printed.
artwork & design/pre-press
We can either design your job from your brief or you can submit your design and artwork which had been sourced elsewhere. We run Macs and PC's back to back and can accept work on CD, Zip, Floppy, ISDN and Email.
Top quality, high resolution scans from transparencies or flat copy on our Linotype Topaz 2 scanner result in clean crisp images. We can then colour manage and/or retouch images to achieve special effects.